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About the wood we use.

The foundation of any enduring, environmentally responsible product lies in its high-quality materials.

Most of our products are made with finger-jointed or finger-jointed and glue-laminated wood. When manufacturing products, we place great emphasis on high-quality materials. Our quality label consists of several different factors. 


Reliable partners

Over the years, we have found reliable cooperation partners in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries who supply our production with wood. Our company has never and will not use wood from Russia or Belarus in the future.

FSC® certified wood

FSC® is a globally recognized label that shows that the highest social and environmental standards have been followed in the procurement and processing of wood. By using FSC® wood and products, we support responsible forest management and production practices. The customer receives a product with the FSC® label from our production.

Origin of wood

We only use wood from Scandinavia or the Baltic countries in production. Wood from Scandinavia and the Baltic countries is durable because it has grown more slowly in cold climate, thanks to which, the wood is denser, more durable and has a more beautiful grain. 


We make sure that the customer gets products of the desired quality. To this end, we ensure that when making the product, the wood is of the correct quality: be it knots, curvatures, quality of the planed surface, moisture content or any other criteria specified by the client.

The types of wood we use are: pine, spruce, oak, birch and aspen.