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Kenover – your high quality wood partner



Kenover Puit OÜ is a 100% Estonian family-owned company that has been engaged in the production and wholesale of glued laminated timber products since 1998.

Our product range primarily focuses on furniture components, canvas stretchers, window and door moldings. You can also find solid wood poster hangers in our production. We are involved in a variety of custom projects that require wooden components or products. For example, we have manufactured wooden components needed in shipbuilding as well as soundproof walls.

Our goal is to provide customers with a personalized experience and top-quality products. We approach each customer individually, listening to their needs and ideas, and offering our own recommendations. We are flexible and fast in production, capable of fulfilling both larger and smaller orders, as well as special requests.

We have over 25 years of experience working with glued laminated timber, giving us a deep understanding of its properties and advantages. Therefore, we can recommend the right wood and product design to achieve our customers’ goals. Customer satisfaction and long-term, personalized partnerships are highly valued by us.