Kenover Puit: Your high quality wood partner

Welcome to Kenover Puit blog! With over 25 years of experience in glulam and solid wood products, we believe in sharing our insights, expertise, and valuable tips with fellow professionals in this field. Additionally, we aim to provide a closer look at our products, our company and our dedicated team to help you get to know us better.

Let’s begin by introducing our company’s mission and values.

Our mission: Your high quality wood partner

Our primary objective is to deliver customized wood products that precisely meet our clients’ needs while ensuring top-tier quality and durability. We strike a fair balance between quality and affordability. We deeply value our clients and the enduring partnerships we build. Leveraging our extensive experience, we offer expert knowledge, premium materials, and strong partnerships to transform our clients’ visions into reality sustainably and intelligently.

Our values

  1. Customer focused: Drawing on our extensive experience in glulam and solid wood products, we assist our clients in identifying the most effective solutions to achieve their desired outcomes.

  2. Personal approach: Our commitment to a personalized approach begins with knowing our clients on a first-name basis. We’ve had the privilege of working with many of our clients over two decades, and that’s not just a statistic to us. It’s a testament to the trust and relationships we’ve built over the years. Open and honest communication, listening to our clients and really making time for them is something we prioritize.

  3. Sustainability: The wood that we use is FSC® certified. This means that the wood is sourced from sustainably and ethically managed forests thus ensuring the sustainability of our products. We consider it important that wood, being the perfect reusable natural resource, must come from a responsibly managed forests. The source materials we use are valued to the maximum amount. The products we make are long lasting and durable. We find use for leftover materials from production as well, making sure that nothing goes to waste.

  4. Always developing: We continually assess and optimize our work processes to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. We collaborate closely with our clients to explore opportunities for product development while offering our own expert recommendations.

Join us

We’re delighted to have you join us! We hope you find valuable insights and information in this blog. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, comments, or questions with us; we greatly appreciate your input.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more updates!

All the best,

Helena Lepper
Head of Sales and Marketing
Kenover Puit OÜ